Pontiac Headlights

The Pontiac Bonneville is an automobile which was built by the Pontiac division of General motors from 1957 to 2005. Pontiac was introduced as a limited production of performance convertible during the year 1957 model year. Some of the largest Pontiacs ever built are the Bonnevilleand its platform partner, the Grand Ville, in station wagon body styles they reached just over 19 feet (5.8 m) long, and were also some of the heaviest cars that are produced at that time (2.5 tons, or 5,000 lb (2,300 kg)). The Bonneville name first appeared in the year 1954 on a pair of bubble-topped GM Motorola Concept Cars called as the Bonneville special. It entered the production lineup as a high-performance, Fuel-injected luxury convertible cars in the year 1957, and this vehicle was loaded with every conceivable option as standard equipment with the exception of optional air conditioning in the vehicle. This feature put the Bonneville in a Cadillac and more than doubles the base price of a Chieftain four-door sedan. A Bonneville car which is fully equipped could cost more than a Cadillac when compared. Only 630 units were produced in the first year, and making it one of the most collectible Pontiacs of all time. The Bonneville endured until 2005 as the division's of top-of-the-line model. The name was taken from U.S. Army officer called Benjamin Bonneville and the Bonneville salt flats. Pontiac headlights are very important to the vehicle while driving in dark.

The new technology in Pontiac headlights has gone a long way in improving safety features on the road. There is a wide range of head lights available from Pontiac, they are JDM projector head lights, Euro head lights, smoked head lights, Chrome head lights, Black head lights, and Clear and Carbon are also available for some specific models in the market. You have lot of options to choose from this wide variety, the best one for your Pontiac. As Head lights are very important to your vehicle, the biggest hazard that normally comes from headlights is causing glare that obscure objects. A big reason for glare on the road is poorly aimed headlights, because of this wrong placement of headlights may not guide the way with its illumination and this can be easily rectified by replacing a new pair of headlights in the proper place where it is meant to be. Headlights which have been mounted too high may also create glare to the opposite coming vehicle. So have a mechanic check your Pontiac headlights, or use the simple wall test which is done on the wall. Compare the amount of light that is emitted from the headlight above cutoff to other cars of with similar headlight design. After installing your new Pontiac headlights, donít forget to scrub them every time when you wash your car. In addition to enhancing the brightness, cleaning the headlights can also help to prevent glare to other coming vehicles.

Headlight lenses are among most luxurious cars like in Pontiac, as most of them neglected because they figure that they are getting washed with the rest of the exterior.

Pontiac headlights lens are made with polycarbonate plastic in order to make them strong or resistant. As the lens gars blurred it restricts the amount of light that can pass through the lens causing reduced visibility. The basic maintenance and cleaning methods should be done to correct different problems that may infringe headlight lens function. The Pontiac headlights lens with yellow or cloudy lenses is to use a lens polishing compound know as rubbing compound. Dim set of headlights or dirty or yellowed is one of the most frequent problems for any headlights. The cleaning method used to clean the lens is using a rubbing compound called as polishing compound. The next stage is to polish the lens with a course red polishing compound followed by a fine white compound. A headlight that is din or incorrectly fitted is a basic factor for causing accident. Incorrect installation or rough driving conditions can knock headlights out of alignment. The misalignment increases glare to the driver and oncoming drivers.

Pontiac headlights are available in many of the online stores. The only thing we need to take precautionary measures while purchase the headlights from a reputed manufacturer. When the headlights get dirty ensure that we always use lenses cleaner kit as well. This would not only keep the headlight shinning but at the same time add more life to the lights as well. The headlights of Pontiac are really cool. The newer design that is available in the market includes LED head lights, xenon headlights, chrome head lights, smoked and clear head lights. Head lights with advanced technology, adjust their luminosity as per the driving conditions and the environment around you. For example the headlights have a different intensity on a foggy day when compare to clear day. In case you are willing to make same headlights with different intensity.

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