Audi Headlights

Audi headlights are an easy way to upgrade your car’s exterior and upgrade the Audi light system itself. Audi black halos are a nice upgrade for the Audi as well as the Audi chrome halo headlights. Audi smoked headlights are a popular choice among Audi owners because the look of having your car ‘blacked’ out has become rather popular over the last few years. New Audi angel eyes headlights are a great way to modernize your car. Dual halo Audi headlights are the growing trend, housing two separate angel eyes in the same headlight housing.

Smoked Audi corner lights top off the smoked look.  Audi also offer several different corner lights including: Audi clear, chrome, smoked and titanium styles. They placed directly into your Audi corner lenses mounting points. Audi projection lights are another great advantage to your car. The fog lights can be placed anywhere you have a flat surface on your Audi and access to a 12v power source.

So many amazing options are available that is the reason why Audi Tail lights have become a hot modification to customize. Audi altezza tail lights look great because of their clear design and also allow the color of the housing or the bulbs to the focus of the light. Smoked Audi tail lights look cool because they match to the other smoked lights on your Audi. Red, clear Audi tail lights and Euro style Audi tail lights are good subtle changes to the car, and this provides a nice way to illuminate the night in style.

Different Audi headlights are:

100 headlight , A3 headlight, 200 headlight, A4 headlight, 4000s headlight, A5 headlight, 5000 headlight, A6 headlight, 80 headlight, A8 headlight, 90 headlight, Q5 headlight, and q7 headlight.

Audi is using LED technology for its headlights and taillights instead of incandescent lights as they lit the road ahead for almost a century but Light-emitting diodes promise greater light for less power and waste heat. There is one more benefit i.e; LEDs can be arranged into whatever shapes designers and engineers demand—especially important to a style-leading brand such as Audi.LEDs’ will be the standard –equipment headlights on the 2010 Audi R8 V-10 and optional on the V-8 R8.

The common incandescent halogen bulb shines by electrifying and superheating a tungsten filament sealed in gas called Halogen. Less than 5% of the power consumed results in light, the other is heat, which is wasted. The ratio is better than high-intensity-discharge, or HID, headlights, where instead of passing over a filament which is solid, the current arcs between two filaments through a cloud of light-amplifying gas, Xenon. LED which Audi uses is electroluminescent not like incandescent. Light is produced by electrifying a material, a silicon chip is used which is treated to be a diode, or a conductor through which electrons flow in one way only. Changing the voltage to both sides of the diode excites the electrons, and their movement creates photons, or light.

The output of LED is whiter and even brighter, from 15 lumens per watt in 2001, when Audi started its research, to 60 today as said by Audi’s light engineering director, Stephan Berlitz. In the R8, the LEDs are clustered 8 for the low beam, 14 for  high beam—and cooled by fans to keep internal temperature below a diode-killing 300 degrees F. also warm air is circulated by fans to defrost the lenses on cold mornings.

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